Teste Doping perpara vajtjes ne Baku 2015

Sot ne date 8 Maj 2015, ne prag te pjesemarrjes se Shqiperise ne Lojerat Europiane “Baku 2015”, KOKSH i ka kerkuar  Komisionit Kombetar Antidoping qe funksionon brenda Ministrise se Arsimit dhe Sporteve qe te kryeje 6 teste per sportistet qe do te marrin pjese ne keto Lojera. KOKSH i ka paraqitur lisen e Ekipit pjesemarres dhe perzgjedhja e sportisteve do te […]

WADA nxjerr dy udhezime qe marrin fuqi te menjehereshme

WADA releases two Guidelines taking effect immediately – hGH and GC-C-IRMS Montreal, January 30, 2014 Dear Stakeholders, hGH WADA releases version 2.0 of the Guidelines for the application of the human Growth Hormone (hGH) Isoform Differential Immunoassays for detection of doping with human Growth Hormone in sport . This new version of the Guidelines reflects the revised […]

KUJDES: Te gjithe sportistet duhet te kene kujdes nga GW501516 – Substanca me kete kod shitet dhe po perdoret nga sportistet

ALERT: GW501516 Please inform your athletes as soon as possible. Montreal, March 21, 2013 To: All Anti-Doping Organizations It has come to WADA’s attention that the black market substance GW501516 is being sold to and used by some athletes. The side effect of this chemical compound is so serious that WADA is taking the rare step […]

Lista e substancave te ndaluara doping e miratuar nga WADA per vitin 2013

WADA-Prohibited-List-2013-EN WADA-Monitoring-Program-2013-EN WADA-Summary-Modifications-Explanatory-Notes-2013-List-EN

WADA – Publikohet lista e substancave te ndaluara per vitin 2013. Hyn ne fuqi ne date 1 Janar 2013

2013 Prohibited List available on WADA website September 26, 2012 Following approval by WADA’s Executive Committee on September 10, the 2013 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods is now available. Noteworthy changes to the List, which will come into force on January 1, 2013, include: